Kiwanis Children's Cancer Program


How do I order, pay for, and receive merchandise?

Orders can be taken online and the rest is face-to-face. Let us know what you want by filling out the order form below. We'll contact your Lieutenant Governor and you can arrange a time and place to pay them. Your Lieutenant Governor will exchange the money for your merchandise at the next District Board meeting, and they can pass the items onto you. Payment is not required at the time of order and credit cards are not required, although they're an option.



Thanks for supporting the Kiwanis Children's Cancer Program! We're taking a break to create new merchandise and to focus on other ways to bring the District closer to our fundraising goal of $75,000. In the meantime, if you have suggestions, feedback, or inquiries regarding merchandise, please contact

1/285 Unisex T-Shirt

$10.00 USD

1 in 285 children in the US will be diagnosed with cancer by the age of 20.  Let's make that zero. 

Support the Fight 3/4 Sleeve Baseball Tee

$15.00 USD

Every young patient is a hero fighting their own battles. Support their fight.

Support the Fight Hoodie

$25.00 USD


  1. Stay warm

  2. Help fund fellowship programs at three local children's hospitals

  3. Raise awareness for children's cancer

Motto Tank Top

$12.00 USD

Child centered. Science minded. Cure focused.

KCCP Logo Hat

$15.00 USD

Better picture coming soon... but you get the gist.


Frequently Asked Questions

What ways can I pay?

You can pay by cash, check, or credit card. The preferred method is giving your cash or check to your Key Club Lt. Governor. People who cannot reach their Lt. Governor in time should send a check to the District Finance Office. Do not send cash through mail. If paying by credit card, please call Mike Wallis, our District Finance Administrator. All payments must be received by the November 3, 2016 deadline.


Finance Office Address:

PNW Key Club

C/O WWC Business Solutions

1024 Marine Drive

Astoria, OR 97103


Mike Wallis: (503) 325-2200

When will I receive my merchandise?

During the Fall Board meeting on November 4-6, 2016, your Lt. Governor will be given the merchandise you ordered. From then on, your Lt. Governor should have them at divisional events, such as DCMs. Contact them prior to these events to confirm or arrange a separate time and place to meet!

Can I cancel my order?

Yes, you may cancel your order if you have not paid yet. Please email to let us know you would like to cancel order. The deadline for cancelling orders is October 15, 2016.

What if I want to order sizes outside of the S-XL range?

Email We'll figure something out. XXL+ sizes will have an additional fee.

How do Canadians pay for merchandise?

If you are a Canadian Key Clubber wishing to pay in cash, please pay your Lieutenant Governor in American currency. Checks and credit card payments are also acceptable. If you are paying in check, please ensure that the check is made from a US fund account and follow the same procedure as American check payments. Credit card payments can follow the same procedure as American credit card payments. Please see above for American payment procedures.

Will merchandise be sold at events?

Yes, merchandise will be sold at interdivisional fundraising events such as Dance to Cure and District Convention in limited quantities.




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