District Board

Who serves on the District Board?

The Pacific Northwest District Board is a team of elected Executive Officers, lieutenant governors, and committee chairs, in addition to a Kiwanis administrative team. The Board is here to serve you as a resource and strengthen Key Club in our District. Get to know them below.

Executive Officers

Elected by delegates at each District Convention


Ingrid Redford 

District Governor

Brandon Orick

District Secretary

Andy He 

District Treasurer

Julie Lely

District Editor

Selected by the District Governor after DCON


Division AYN

William Hartig 

Division AYS

Andrick Carroll 

Division 9

Kyle Torres 

Division 20i

Alyssa Mantanona 

Division 19/36

Shauhin Yazdani 

Division 18

Michelle Yang

Division 13/15/17

Kendra Willis

Division 20m

Shirley Kim 

Division 21


Division 22/24

Samuel Gonzalez

Division 27

Erika Yoshino 

Division 26



Division 28

Anthony Alvarado 

Division 30

Justin Englund 

Division 32

Kyoko Hall

Division 33

Yufan Mou 

Division 38

Ky Tran 

Division 34

Lu Gado 

Division 35

Andrea Castro 

Division 42C

Alina Mirgorodskaya 

Division 42V

Ashley Teng 

Division 44

Ryan Vilash 

Division 45

Georgia Goff 

Division 46

Hannah Levinson 

Division 48

Briteny Zhu 

Division 50

Grace Hartwig 

Division 54

Jessie Weber 

Division 52

Lan Tran 

Division 64

Kenny Wu 

Division 62

Kristin Vega 

Division 58

Chris Park 

Division 56

Tina Chau 

Division 65

Daniel Huynh 

Division 66

Danica Lin 

Division 70


Division 72

Maya Rios 

Division 74

Hannah Rannow 

Division 76

Grecia Natasha Mendez Almodova

Division 80

Isaiah Geronimo 

Division 82

William Hartig 

Convention Chair

Division AYS


Crystal Choi 

District Project Chair

Division 30


Anthony Alvarado 

K-Family Relations Chair

Division 30


Kyoko Hall 

Membership Growth and Reactivation Chair

Division 33


Daniel Huynh 


Division 66


Andy He 


Division 56



Lieutenant Governors

Elected by each division to serve as a divisional leader and liason


Committee Chairs

District Adminstrators


Guide and support the District Board

Brian Egger 

District Administrator


Serves as a non-voting member of the District Board and is responsible for chairing the Kiwanis Committee on Key Club.

I received my bachelor of arts in politics from Willamette University, Salem, OR in May 2007 and masters of public administration from American University, Washington, DC in July 2009. While pursuing my bachelor of arts, I served as the 2004-2005 PNW CKI District Governor and as the 2005-2006 CKI President. Prior to joining CKI, I served as the Division 65 Key Club Lt. Governor and as the District Convention Chair. Professionally, I serve as a senior analyst with the U.S. Government Accountability Office and in my personal life, I enjoy spending time with friends, running, traveling, and checking out the latest restaurants in Seattle. I am also a member of Cascadia Kiwanis and hold several Kiwanis honors including the George F. Hixson Fellowship and Tablet of Honor.

Criena Sekhon 

Assistant District Administrator


Mike Wallis 

Finance Administrator


Area Administrators

Serve as advisors to Key Club Lt.G's and represent Kiwanis at Divisonal events.

Division AYN
Division AYS
Division 9/18
Division 13/15/17
Division 20m, 20i, 70
Division 21, 22/24, 26, 27
Division 19/36
Division 32, 33
Division 34
Division 35
Division 38
Division 42V, 62-66
Division 44, 45
Division 46
Division 48
Division 50, 52, 58
Division 54
Division 56
Division 62-66
Division 65
Division 42C
Division 70, 72
Division 82
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