District Board

Who serves on the District Board?

The Pacific Northwest District Board is a team of elected Lieutenant Governors and Executive Officers and Appointed Officers, in addition to a Kiwanis administrative team. The Board is here to serve you as a resource and strengthen Key Club in our District. Get to know them below.

Executive Team

Elected by delegates at each District Convention


Tyler Bosser District Governor

Division 35


Greetings Pacific Northwest Key Clubbers!

I am both ecstatic and grateful to have the opportunity to serve you as your 66th Pacific Northwest District Governor. This year, I'd love to see, and plan to accomplish, an increase in communication, stronger ties between every level of Key Club, and an improvement in Kiwanis-Family Relations. A little more about me: I am a senior at Clover Park High School and enrolled as a Running Start student at Pierce College - Fort Steilacoom. I'm the immediate past Lieutenant Governor of Division 35 and a past Vice-President of my home club. If you love drinking coffee (as much a I do) and getting caught in the rain, you're in the right district! Please do not feel intimidated to reach out and contact me, or any of the friendly faces below mine! We are for one reason, to support you!

Tran Hoang District Secretary

Division 62


Hey hey hey, Pacific Northwest! My name is Tran Hoang and I am incredibly honored to be serving as your District Secretary for the 2015-16 school year. You can easily find me on the computer, actively typing away at District Board meetings or on the computer (yet again) reading monthly secretary reports. If I’m not behind a screen, however, I’m usually biking along the Portland waterfront or identifying clouds with my handy-dandy cloud book. Sometimes, once every blue moon, you can catch me creating tabs on Pinterest when I’m supposed to be finishing Calculus. My goal this year is to offer useful resources for the clubs directly from the district, in hopes to increase member activity which will overall improve communication throughout the PNW. I believe that through the simplest forms of interactions, we can create a stronger bond with the clubs at the district level. With that being said, please do not hesitate to contact me! Whether it is about secretary reports, district updates, or even a small greeting, I would love to talk to you!


Suvir Copparam District Treasurer

Division 28



Hello Key Clubbers! I am incredibly excited to serve all of you this year as your District Treasurer. Some of my goals are to grow district membership to 14,000, increase transparency on all board decisions and budgeting, and ensure that all treasurers around the district are well educated and can execute their jobs well.

Outside of Key Club, I love programming and reading, participate in the EMP Museum’s Youth Advisory Board and am a full time IB Diploma student. Contact me anytime if you have a question about finances, chartering, or just want to chat! I love meeting new key clubbers and am always open to discussing the future of our district.



JoJo Saunders District Editor

Division 32


What's up Key Clubbers' My name is JoJo Saunders and I am the current District Editor. My job is to make sure the ESPRESSO is out and getting info out to you guys. To talk a bit about myself, I love graphic design, photography, videography, and puns. I'm a die hard Avatar fan and have a probably-unhealthy obsession with coffee. I cannot espresso (heh) how excited I am to work with you guys. If you have any questions about editing, design, or graphics feel free to contact me! I'd love to help you in any way! 


Convention Team

Organizes District Convention (DCON)

Ryan Miura Convention Chair

Division 66


Hello Pacific Northwest District! My name is Ryan Miura and I am serving as the 2015-2016 Convention Chair. My job is to ensure that DCON planning goes as smooth as butter. A little more about me; I love trees, cats, and lemonade. I like going on adventures and driving at night. If you have any questions regarding convention, please feel free to contact me via Facebook or email. I am always up to chat and answer any questions! I hope to see you all at DCON 2016!


Amy Hung Convention Aide

Division 34


Hello Key Clubbers! I'm Amy Hung from Lincoln High School, and I'll be one of your 2015-2016 Convention Aides. I'm extremely looking forward to be working on the Pacific Northwest District Board to help make this year's District Convention unforgettable! Other than Key Club, I am Captain for my Girls' Tennis team. I also take part in Girls' Bowling, National Honor Society, Upward Bound, and Asian/Pacific Islander Club. Feel free to contact me through social media or email if you have questions or simply want to know me better. I would be more than happy to respond and chat!

Ria Bains Convention Aide

Division 20i


Hello beautiful Key Clubbers of the Pacific Northwest District! My name’s Ria Bains, and this year I will be serving as one of the convention aides for the 2015-2016 key club year. I’m really excited to be working alongside the convention team as we make the 67th Annual District Convention the best convention yet! It’s all about the convention experience that can totally change one’s perspective on many things, and our main objective is making that experience unforgettable! I’m currently a Senior at Oak Harbor High School, and my most ginormous passion is key club. I’ve been in Key Club since my freshman year, and I love spending time at service projects with my friend. Aside from my ginormous love for Key Club, I’m also a part of some other clubs and organizations such as Naval Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (NJROTC), Girls Varsity Tennis, a Sports Medicine Intern, and Drill Team. A little about me, I love to listen to rap and country (anything that isn't Kidz Bop). My favorite color is the color of Jag Bains’ skin tone (which is brown). My favorite thing to drink is milk (cow milk, I hate goat milk). Last but not least, Jag Bains IS my brother.

Appointed Officers

Appointed by the Executive Team after DCON

Hanna Huynh K-Family Relations Director

Division 27


Hey Key Clubbers! My name is Hanna Huynh, and I am currently a senior at Inglemoor high school. This year I will be serving as the Kiwanis family relations director for the 2015-2016 key club year! I am really looking forward to connecting the eight branches of our Kiwanis family and working with the board to help the PNW district become the best district that it can be. Outside of Key Club, I love spending my weekends exploring the city, so you can usually find me on the streets of Seattle trying to find exotic eats! If you have any questions, I would love to chat so message me on facebook or email me!


Jag Bains District Projects Director

Division 9


Hey beautiful Key Clubbers! I’m Jag Bains, and I serve as your District Projects Director for the 2015-2016 year. I am looking forward to working with all of you in order to make the Eliminate Project more successful than ever before! I am currently a senior at Omak High School, and my biggest passion is Key Club. I’ve been in Key Club since freshman year, and I love spending time at service projects with my friends. Other than that, I am involved in my school ASB, National Honors Society, Cross Country, Track and Field, Soccer, Link Crew, and a number of other clubs/organizations. A little about me, I love to listen to rap and Kidz Bop (any music that isn’t country). Also, my favorite color is aquamarine (the color of a majestic ocean), and I love to drink milk (i.e. cow milk, I hate goat milk). Last but not least, I am not related to Ria Bains.


Tony Zhang Communications Director

Division 56


Hello PNW Key Clubbers! I'm currently a senior at Pullman High School, and I am your Communications Director for 2015-2016. My job is to make sure communication between the district board and all the members is transparent and you guys have all the info necessary. A little about myself, I love coding, photography, swimming, and Taylor Swift. I'm very excited to work with you guys! If you have any questions feel free to contact me through social media. I'd love to help you in any way possible! 



Tiffany Wong Membership Growth and Reactivation Director

Division 32


My name is Tiffany Wong, and I am extremely excited to serve as your Membership Growth and Reactivation Director! For this year, our goal is 14,000 members in the PNW District, and I will work closely with the District Treasurer to do so. My plans include promoting membership resources, chartering clubs, and reactivating suspended/inactive clubs. With a wider membership base, we can strengthen our impact of our great organization. I think smiles are super contagious and I laugh at the most pointless things. I’m a big fan of jokes and I sleep. With that said, my focus is on the members itself, and that’s why it’s important to hear from you. If you have any ideas or questions concerning membership, please do not hesitate to message, email, or talk to me! I’d really appreciate it, and feel free to say hi to me if you see me at a Key Club event. I want to know all of you better, and I want to be there for you as much as possible.


Lieutenant Governors

Elected by each division to serve as a divisional leader and liason

Vacant Division AYN


Tanya Charoonsophonsak Division AYS


Hey Key Clubbers!
My name is Tanya Charoonsophonsak and I am the Lieutenant Governor of Division AYS. I started off joining Key Club as a freshmen because I wanted to follow in my older brother's footsteps, but now I'm making my own trail to lead. As a Key Clubber for three years now, it has become a huge part of my life, but I don't regret a single moment of it.Being in Key Club has made me a better leader, more confident in myself, and definitely more social. Which reminds me, I am really open to talking to people and I usually have a pun joke on hand so feel free to contact me if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, or if you want to hear a bad pun. I can't wait for another amazing year as a Key Clubber and for everything else in store!    


Kelsie Coffell Division 9


Hi, Pacific Northwest! I'm Kelsie Coffell! I am currently a sophomore at Omak High School and I'm the incoming Lieutenant Governor of Division 9. I love narwhals, puppies, and spaghetti! And of course, I love Key Club! Key Club is my inspiration, it has taught me about kindness, and has given me my second family. I joined Key Club as a freshman, and my passion for this club grows every day, with every smile I help put on someone's face! I am so ecstatic to serve on the board this upcoming term! 

Veronica Vivero Division 13/15/17


Hey Key Clubbers!
My name is Veronica Vivero and I am currently attending Vancouver Technical Secondary in British Columbia I originally joined Key Club because of the rumored candy at the first meeting. I was a frightened and hungry 8th grader, that had no idea what the words service or leadership meant. Without even realizing it, I embarked on a journey that would shape me to be the person I am today. Key Club has impacted my life so greatly within the past few years. Prior to being elected as Lieutenant Governor, I was the President of Van Tech Key Club and Public Relations Committee Chair. These positions allowed me to fully invest myself into Key Club and develop confidence in my leadership abilities. I am also involved with several organizations throughout my school including; Annual Production, Theater, Choir and Student Council. With the little free time I have outside of Key Club, I enjoy watching superhero movies, running with my dog, eating donuts and sleeping. I am ecstatic to start this new part of my Key Club journey with all of you.


Baneet Braich Division 18



Hey Key Clubbers how do you feel? Only a true Key Clubber would know the answer to such a question. I am a platypus, well not technically, but I'm a part of Division 18 and we are Perry the Platypus. I'm born and raised in a country assumed to have polar bears giving children rides to schools that look like igloos and numerous trees cascaded with snow and maple syrup. Yes, Canada gotta love it eh?! Key Club is life and so is broadcasting, school, basketball, volleyball, singing, dance and more. Be passionate and be caring and remember some of the best things you learn in life will be from Key Club. You are wonderful :)


Tiana Herring Division 19/36


Hi, PNW! I'm Tiana Herring, lieutenant governor of division 19/36 from Bremerton High School. I get really excited over random facts about U.S. History and talking about environmentalist issues. I've been committed to service for years and I've garnered over 450 hours of service. Ever since joining key club though, this amazing group of people have become one of my number one priorities. I'm so honored and excited to serve my club, division, and the district. Key club has helped me unlock the keys to life: passion, commitment, service and family. I can't wait to spread my enthusiasm and love to everyone I meet through this amazing opportunity. 


Jhon Dimaculangan Division 20i



Hi guys! My name is Jhon Dimaculangan and I'm excited to make the best of my term as the lieutenant governor for Division 20i! I love fashion, dogs (even though they hate me!!), the color green, tennis, making people laugh, and of course key club. My main goal as LTG is to build a strong connection inside my division to become even stronger and better. I hope to be a role model to people and inspire them through my love and passion for service! D20i samurai, till I die!




Ryan Mclaughlin Division 20m


Hey Key Clubbers!

My name is Ryan McLaughlin, and I am so excited to be the Lieutenant Governor of Division 20M! My Key Club journey began when I was a sophomore in high school, but I wish I would have joined it earlier! I quickly learned of the power of the organization and how I could change the world and thus ran for LtG. When I am not sending emails out to members or scheduling DCMs, you can find me with my nose in an AP Biology book, running for an XC team, playing on one of Washington’s state level soccer teams, or playing my guitar! I am excited for what the future holds, from both a LtG and a senior in high school. Personally, I look forward to the day when KCI can say that MNT is eliminated from the face of the world – and to help, I have focused my efforts on the Eliminate Project with in my division. I also like to use the three word principal when describing Key Club and even when serving: Love. Compassion. Service. Because after all, Key Club would be nothing if we did not serve with love and compassion. And although my division is small, we will continue to serve until the world is a perfect place.

Jessica Bae Division 21


Heyhey, PNW!

My name is Jessica Bae, and I'm a junior at Kamiak High School. My Key Club experience started as a wee freshmen, when my friend convinced me with Otis Spunkmeyer's cookies to attend a meeting. However, I was instantly drawn to the close-knit community and its passion to serve others! Key Club has truly shaped me into who I am today.

Outside of Key Club, I'm actively involved in ASB, Choir, and Jazz Band. Although I don't like heights, I do enjoy going on hikes and doing outdoorsy stuff- minus the bugs. I'm a strong devotee of Italian, Thai, Korean, Japanese, American, and Mexican foods(to name a few) and often suffer from chocolate addiction.

Hope to meet some of you soon!


Erica Smith Division 22/24



Hi Key Clubbers! I, Smith, Erica Smith, am currently a sophomore at Roosevelt High School in Seattle, Washington, part of Division 22/24. I am extremely excited to be serving my term as Lieutenant Governor while taking on the responsibilities of other extracurriculars such as DECA and TAG at the Seattle Art Museum (though Key Club will always remain my top priority). My hobbies are biking, rock climbing, and of course, community service! My goals this year are to increase membership, bond with my key club family, and help my community in anyway I can! 



Christina Nguyen Division 26


Hey PNW Key Clubbers!
I'm Christina Nguyen, lieutenant governor of Division 26 (Go unicorns!!) I attend Highline High School and am in the graduating class of 2016. Joining Key Club my freshman year was definitely the best decision I've made in my high school career. Since then I've served as editor, treasurer, vice president, and now lieutenant governor! These past years have taught me so much about passion, dedication, and the meaning of service- I really can't imagine a life without Key Club. Please don't be afraid to contact me, I look forward to serving the Pacific Northwest!



Julienne Renne Division 27


Helloooooo Pacific Northwest! My name is Julienne Renne. I am the current LtG of the fabulous Division 27. Go toucans! I am currently a senior at Woodinville High School. I am so honored to be in such a position in which I get to serve with some amazing people with an amazing passion for service. Key club has been a gateway for so many incredible opportunites to meet some spectacular clubbers who enjoy the same thing I do; community service! 

When I'm not working to better my division and community, I'm either out running or hiking. I absolutely love the ocean and the outdoors. Doing things like exploring on great new adventures is my favorite thing to do. I also love road trips with incredibly unhealthy snacks and my dog Topper. Most of all I absolutely can't wait to have a spectacular year with new people, and new projects.



Adam Newton Division 28


Hey PNW! My name is Adam Newton and I am currently a senior at Issaquah High School. Before becoming lieutenant governor, I served as Issaquah Key Club president, and before that I was club treasurer. Key Club has been a very important part of my life since I joined as a freshman, and I'm excited to enter my fourth and last year. I am fully committed to growing and supporting my division and its clubs as they in turn support the community. I promise that I will work hard to ensure that Key Club remains the best and most active student-run organization ever! If you ever have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding Key Club, feel free to contact me!


Alex Wicks Division 30


Since I was little I've had a love for community service so when I was able to join Key Club in my sophomore year it was a match made in heaven. Which is why I'm so happy to be Division 30's LTG! I hope to make it a fantastic year and do everything that I can to make Division 30 and the PNW District as amazing as it can be!


Kim Anh Tran Division 32


Anything is possible! Because with every accomplishment, starts with the decision to try. Key club took a try and that changed my life. I am surrounded by the passion of service that has influenced me to grow into a leader for the PNW district.

My name is Kim Anh Tran and I will be the Lieutenant Governor of division 32 in the years 2015-2016. I am so excited to be part of the amazing key club and board for this year! 

I enjoy laughing and smiling all day, while I clumsily eat chocolate with my buddies. I play the piano and also tennis, but most importantly Art and Crafts are so much more fun. I love the beautiful outdoors when I get the chance to go hiking, camping, and traveling. I want to see more of this beautiful world, and more of caring our way of life!


Andrea Diep Division 33


What's Kraken?? I'm Andrea and I'm currently a junior at Federal Way High School. It's surreal to say that I get to represent Division 33 as a Lieutenant Governor. Key Club has brought so many wonderful people into my life, with plenty of memorable experiences along with it and I cannot wait to give that back to other Key Clubbers. Needless to say I'm extremely thankful for this opportunity.

While Key Club is an enormous part of my life, I also compete in speech and debate, and you'll probably find me biking around Washington. Really corny pick up lines are 110% the way to my heart and my goal in life is to shower the world in love. If not, a bunch of hugs will do. 



Angela Shin Division 34


Hey PNW! My names Angela Shin and I'm your Lieutenant Governor of Division 34! Go sharks! I was elected as treasurer my freshman year and now as a sophomore I'm proud to serve you as a Lt.G. Key Club has become such a huge and amazing part of my life and I promise to work and give my 100% to all of you! Key Club isn't just a serve club, we're a close knit group of people filled with spirit and love. We can impact our communities and help improve them one service project at a time! When I'm not at Key Club you'll find me volunteering with kids, eating food, drinking tea, or watching sharknado! Let's get to know each other better PNW! Find me and hug me or call me/messge me to reach me!



Michael Morales-Marquez Division 35


Hello Key Clubbers!!! I'm excited and proud to be be serving my home, pride, and joy, division 35! I've been in Key Club since my freshman year and can proudly say that it has been a huge part of my life. I can't wait to meet and work with all of you this upcoming year!

Sharon Lee Division 38


Hello Everyone! My name is Sharon and I am the Lieutenant Governor of Division 38! When I first joined Key Club, I thought it was just an another volunteering organization, but getting involved has taught me that it is so much more than that. Key Club made it possible for me to become closer with my community and step out of my comfort zone and take chances! In school, I am also part of National Honor Society, FBLA, Math Club, and tennis. I love to eat ice cream and will eat it anytime and anywhere. It's never to cold for an ice cream! Hehe. I am thrilled to be part of the Pacific Northwest District and is Proud Willingly to Serve! Thank you all. 



Ryan Laforteza Division 42C


Gentlemen and mi'ladies, greetings to all of you. The name is Ryan, and I represent Division 42 Coastal. I'm very excited to be able to work with my fellow lieutenant governors. So here's a little bit about me. I was raised in the beautiful town of Warrenton, Oregon. Warrenton High School is where I receive my current education, and I am in my sophomore year at this time (shout out to the Warrenton Warriors!). I'm also a member of my high school's Gavel Club, and I am a member of the National Honors Society. After school, I'm hoping to major in the medical field and become a psychologist, psychoanalyst, or somewhere near that field of work. I love being able to reach deep into people and do my best to fix them. If that fails, I'd love to major in anything doing with computer coding or literature. I make a mean story, let me tell you. My hobbies include playing a bit of piano, writing up short stories, a bit of boxing, gaming, roleplaying online, and so forth. At first I'll seem very shy and quiet, but getting to know me is like talking to a big teddy bear of a guy like me. Deep inside, I'm a very energetic, crazy, and eager person wanting to help as much as I can. I'm hoping that in my time here I'll make a good difference, whether it's in Key Club or out there in the big wide world we live in today. 


Shelby White Division 42V


I'm an avid fan of seeing the world and working with people, no two persons are alike and I am endlessly fascinated by that. Autumn, peppermint tea, alternative music, and the night sky are all I'll ever need. It's impossible to beat Division 42 Valley, go Orcas! *insert whale noises* (Do whales make noises?)


Stuart Sardo Division 44


I'm a Junior at Mountain View HS, and Lieutenant Governor of Div. 44. Swimming freestyle comes more naturally than running to me, which alludes pretty well to my skill at land sports. My hobbies are chilling with friends, hiking, eating Oreos, and going to the gym. I pretty much live off of Black Rock rockstars. I'm very excited to serve my division, and to meet awesome members from all over the PNW!



Michelle Chang Division 45


Hello! Greetings from the other Vancouver that's not in Canada. My name is Michelle Chang, class of 2016 from Skyview High School. As the past secretary and President of my home club, I am honored to be serving Division 45 as the LTG! Key Club has completely changed my high school experience. I have met so many amazing people that are compassionate and caring, as well as inspiring me to be my best. During my term, I will strive to serve my Division the best I can.

Outside of school, you can find me at Starbucks like a basic white girl. If I'm not there, then I'm probably with my friends drinking Starbucks and jamming out to T-Swift's Blank Space. I like drawing, graphic design, Starbucks, cheesy puns, and playing the piano. Did I mention that I like Starbucks?

I hope we can come all together and make this a great year, After all, caring is our way of life. 



Misty Schofield Division 46


Hello Key Clubbers,
My name is Misty Schofield! I am currently a senior at Rogers High School and I am the Lieutenant Governor of Division 46 Zebras!! I play volleyball, and I run track. I love being out doors, being active! My favorite breed of dog are Pitbulls!! I joined Key Club my Freshmen year and have found a love for it and everything that comes along with it. I am excited for whats to come this year and to be working with many of you to bring out the Key Club in you! (: 




Leah Maly Division 48


Hello PNW! My name is Leah Maly and I am the Lieutenant Governor of Division 48! I am a Junior at Lake City High School in the lovely state of Idaho, and I have been in Key Club since my Freshman Year. Key Club has given me a whole new family, and I couldn't be happier than I am right now. It's taught me how to be a great leader and how to speak in front of so many of you without being scared anymore. On another note, I really love to read, play with my 2 yorkies, and enjoy the outdoors as much as possible. I'm really excited to be working with you all to make this year and next the best it can be! 


Hienschi Nguyen Division 50


Hey PNW! My name is Hienschi, the Lieutenant Governor of Division 50! I began my Key Club journey freshman year. At that time, I had a hard time interacting with others but then Key Club happened. I made new friends that brought smiles and laughter to my life. Plus, I could talk to other more at ease! Soon, I became the vice president and now, Lieutenant Governor. My goal is to transform my division into something much greater and to have all of my members to have life-long memories of Key Club. I will give it my all to make this come true. Aside from Key Club, I love to make clay charms, draw and watch K-Drama. I love or should I say agapé you!


Cynthia Lopez Division 52




Viyana Singsanavong Division 54


Hey Key Clubbers! My name is Viyana Singsanavong, and yes, long last name but trust me, it's the first name that matters! I'm a senior at Richland High School in Tri Cities, Washington and have been a loyal key clubber since freshman year. It has always been a dream of mine to finally become the Lieutenant Governor of my division, and I wouldn't want to spend my time doing anything else! Well...besides laying around and watching Netflix all day and looking at pug pictures. I play tennis for my school during the season and off season you can easily find me doing service projects with my clubs. My favorite service projects? Definitely ones working with our Kiwanis clubs! I'm pretty open with meeting new people and I hope to meet each and one of your smiling faces someday...even if that seems a little too impossible. But, my advice is to all you Key Clubbers is to always follow your dreams and never give up on your goals! You'll reach them if you try! Feel free to contact me with any questions or just for a chat, stay rad PNW!


Grace Chung Division 56


Hey Key Clubbers! My name is Grace Chung, and I am currently a senior at Pullman High School. Key Club has been a huge part of my life since my freshman year, and it's surreal to have been given the opportunity to serve the PNW as Lieutenant Governor of Division 56. My main goal this year is to create more opportunities for students to be able to serve the community while also helping them realize how impactful each and every act of kindness can be. Feel free to contact me with any questions; I can't wait to see what we accomplish this year as a district!



Ariana Regimbal Division 58





Vicky Nguyen Division 62


Hey Key Clubbers!

My name is Vicky Nguyen and I am the current Vice-President of Franklin Key Club and Lieutenant Governor elect for Division 62. Woo, go panthers! I am a Junior and I have been in Key Club since I was a Freshman. I passionately enjoy doing service for our community. This organization has taught me to become a better person and I have met some of the most amazing and inspiring down to earth people through Key Club! Few things about myself, I love going on mini adventures, hikes, and the typical, eating and sleeping. I always appreciate lame jokes and someone with the same type of humor I have. I’m looking forward to work with everyone. Lets have a great year together!

Daniela Mai Division 64


Hello Pacific Northwest! My name is Daniela Mai and I'm currently a junior at Tualatin High School. I am truly honored and thrilled to be serving as Lieutenant Governor of Division 64. Having the opportunity to serve and be part of Key Club for the last three years has impacted my life, and I hope to give back to this wonderful organization as Lieutenant Governor. Outside of Key Club, I like to do things I'm not good at such as swimming, mostly floating on the water, painting, baking, cooking or more like making ramen noodles, but one thing I'm good at is...eating. My passion for FOOD grew as my passion for service…


Bryan Lee Division 65E


Hello Pacific Northwest! My name is Bryan Lee, and I am honored to be serving as Division 65 East's first Lieutenant Governor this year. Throughout this year, I hope to improve the connection between our members and the our broader Key Club family. I have always been a person that had a connection inspiration; a desire to be open-minded to new ideas to improve myself, and to then hopefully inspire others to provide them a similar feeling. With the amazing impact Key Club creates on our homes, schools, and communities, it has undoubtedly been a great source of inspiration for me, and I hope to provide that same feeling throughout my term. I am honored to be able to work with such passionate and dedicated individuals, and I am looking forward to a year of memories, service, and continued inspiration. Let's stay proud and willing to serve PNW!


John -Nick Beronilla Division 65W



Hello! I'm super excited to be serving as the first Lieutenant Governor of Division 65 West! I'm excited for our year together serving the community. I'm a second generation K Family member as my mom was a Kiwanian back in the Philippines. When I'm not volunteering through Key Club you can find me in downtown Portland exploring the city with a hot cup of tea in my hand or hanging out at Portland State University pretending I'm a college student! I listen to indie rock and R&B. Stay slayin'!


Bailey Chen Division 66


An optimist and outgoing girl, Bailey is excited to serve her term as the Lieutenant Governor of Division 66. She is currently a Junior at Clackamas High School and looks forward to what the upcoming year will bring her. She has been in Key Club since a Freshman year and has enjoyed every bit it has had to offer. Bailey grew passionate about Key Club because of the leadership skills she gained and the people she met. Aside from Key Club, she enjoys Korean Dramas, Friends (both T.V. show and actual friends), and playing tennis. She also loves telling bad jokes and puns, as well as Disney movies and anything eye-catching.

I am super excited to serve my Division and ignite the passion for others to serve as well! Feel free to ask me any questions!


Kennedy Birley Division 70


Heyo! A little about me: I like Wendy's frostys, have two cats and a dog, am in cross country, swimming and track...and when I get stressed I bake cookies and muffins!


Mason Cox Division 72



Hello! My name is Mason Cox and I come from the great city of Albany! Living in Oregon, I enjoy activities such as hiking and canoeing. If I’m not too busy spending time outside, I’m usually discussing politics or debating. Key Club is my favorite organization because it allows students to do something amazing. Whether it volunteering at a local soup kitchen or raising money to eliminate neonatal tetanus, Key Club’s actions affect people all over the world. Being a part of Key Club allows me to help those who need it. Key Club is amazing, and as Lieutenant Governor of Division 72, I want assist my division in helping others, contributing to the world, and assisting my community.



Pearl Cutting Division 74



My name is Pearl Cutting and I am currently a senior at North Eugene High School. I play water polo and nordic ski. I also enjoy hiking, rafting, backpacking, paddle boarding, playing bass, traveling, and drinking LOTS of tea.



Dannielle Acosta Division 76


Hey Everyone! My name is Dannielle Acosta, Lieutenant Governor of Division 76! I am currently a sophomore at Coquille High School. When I first joined Key Club I went because /i thought it was for students that wanted high GPAs, and of course why wouldn't I go right?  That's when I learned it was about service, leadership, and most important caring for others. From then on my passion for serving others has increased greatly and my family as well. Key Club gave me a whole other family that I can relate to and laugh with. 

When I'm not working on Key Club stuff, I enjoy soccer, softball, YouTube, band, and baking! I hope to meet all of you this year and can't wait to see what it brings!


Bruno Salas Division 80

Mariah Gronbach Division 82


Hey everyone, my name is Mariah Gronbach. I am currently a Junior at North Valley High School. When I am older I want to go into a teaching career because I feel that teachers shape the minds of the future generations. My favorite animal is the bottle nosed dolphin. I believe service is key to a successful community.






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