Hello PNW!

In light of recent events in our social climate, the PNW District has become even more aware of the community that we create and foster. In order to better know the diverse communities within our District, and to spotlight underrepresented voices in the PNW Key Club community, the Executive Committee is asking for participation in a community spotlight campaign called: My PNW

My PNW will be an ongoing campaign of interviews completed by Key Clubbers throughout the PNW District detailing their experiences with Key Club and what changes they want to see in the Key Club community. Members that apply would participate in a brief questionnaire along with their application, which will be subject to review before they are interviewed by a member of the Executive Committee. The interview will be recorded to be posted to the PNW Key Club blog as well as other social media platforms. This is a great way for members to represent their respective communities. 

Included in the interview application is a brief demographic survey. The PNW District has become increasingly aware of our need for more diversity within the Key Club community. We hope that these interviews and questionnaires will allow us to learn more about how we can incorporate more diversity within our district and 9 to the communities that need them. 

Please send the following application link to any members that would be interested in participating in our campaign. With respect to the ongoing Black Lives Matter movement, we will be prioritizing Black voices for the first My PNW video, but all applications will be read and reviewed for future potential interviews. We will be accepting responses all throughout the year. 

Please consider applying and/or recommending other members to apply. 
Thank you for your participation. 

In Spirit and Service,
District Secretary,
Alice Lee
And the PNW Key Club Executive Committee. 
Pacific Northwest
Key Club International
e: secretary@pnwkeyclub.org




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