District Board members visit Doernbecher Children's Hospital to learn more about KCCP and meet fellows, July 28th, 2017

About the Thirst Project

The Pacific Northwest’s 2018-2019 District Project will be the Thirst Project- the world’s largest youth water organization. The Thirst Project seeks to educate students around the nation on the global water crisis and empower them to go out and raise funds for global water projects. Their goal is to raise $50 million to the entire nation of Swaziland by the year 2022.


TThe Thirst Project began when founder Seth Maxwell was convicted to take action after being informed about the global water crisis for the first time in his life through a friend in 2008. With a few of his close college friends, Maxwell passed out free water bottles to people on the street, simply sharing the story of people in need of clean water. From that moment on, the movement spread to other schools and the youth-activating water organization was born.

SWA·ZI·LAND Swɑːzɪlænd/

The Thirst Project has specifically focused in on the country of Swaziland for a few reasons. To begin, Swaziland has the highest population density of HIV/AIDS and for someone with AIDS, drinking dirty water can kill them faster than the AIDS itself. Swaziland’s population is also small enough to make it possible to eliminate the water crisis there within a few years. Additionally, successfully eliminating the water problem in Swaziland can serve as a model for a “complete solution” on the international scale.


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Pacific Northwest District Goal


This year, the Pacific Northwest has set its fundraising goal to $75,000. This money will go towards building water projects in a PNW-specific region in Swaziland and has the potential to build up to six wells! In order to reach our fundraising goal, each Key Clubber only needs to contribute $6! To find out what your club’s specific fundraising goal is, refer to the “Club Goal Formula” table.

Club Goal Formula

To calculate how much your club should raise, take the number of members and multiply it by $6, then add the club bracket amount.


Formula = Number of Members x $6 + Club Bracket Amount

How do I donate money to the District Project?

Funds raised for the District Project should be sent to PNW Key Club and "KCCP" should be included on the memo line.


Please use the following address:

PNW Key Club

C/O WWC Business Solutions

1024 Marine Drive

Astoria, OR 97103

​What percent of the proceeds go to actually helping people get access to clean water?

​100% of all your money will go directly to the water projects.

How many people does one well serve?

​​Through the strategic placing of water projects, most wells can serve anywhere from 300-500 people

How long do the wells last?

​​Although there are only six years of data to work off of, based on the Thirst Project’s development of a Standard of Sustainability, wells are projected to last 40+ years.

How is the Thirst Project different from other water organizations?

The Thirst Project specifically caters to youth and focuses on empowering them to bring an end to the global water crisis.




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