District Board

Who serves on the District Board?

The Pacific Northwest District Board is a team of elected Executive Officers, lieutenant governors, and committee chairs, in addition to a Kiwanis administrative team. The Board is here to serve you as a resource and strengthen Key Club in our District. Get to know them below.

Executive Officers

Elected by delegates at each District Convention


Dmitri Saberi District Governor

Division 56


My name is Dmitri Saberi and I am both honored and ecstatic to have the opportunity to serve as your 2017-2018 Pacific Northwest District Governor. My plan for this year has three parts: Unite, Revitalize, and Grow. By helping our District Unite by utilizing new methods of communication, we can reach our District-wide goal of $75,000 for KCCP. By helping Lieutenant Governors from isolated, small, or struggling areas contact clubs that are unresponsive, suspended, or inactive and build a strong foundation for their division, we can grow our membership and connections more than ever before. And finally, by continuing the development of the critical areas of growth of the PNW, we can grow to new heights as a district. A little about me: I am a Senior at Pullman High School, and outside of Key Club, I enjoy playing tennis and cello, alongside other activities. But above all, I love people, and the opportunity to serve those around me through Key Club has become the thing I love doing most. In my free time, you can probably find me hanging out with friends, drinking coffee, or making a joke. I am so excited to work with all of you this year, and cannot wait to meet you at rallies, official visits, and other events. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you want to talk!

Ashley Villanueva District Secretary

Division 32


Hello PNW Key Clubbers! My name is Ashley Villanueva and I am absolutely ecstatic to have the opportunity to serve the mighty moose of the PNW as the 2017-2018 District Secretary. One of my main goals is to increase the bonds and transparency from the district down to the club level by keeping monthly communication with the secretaries through secretary reports. Additionally, I simply want to be a resource to secretaries and all officers and members in general, no matter if it’s sending a document or just being someone to talk to. A little tad bit about me: I’m part of the graduating class of 2018 at Kentlake High School (woo D32!) I have an unconditional love for corgis. I’ve always had an appreciation for the art of puns and jokes, there’s a 99% chance I’ll laugh if you tell or send me one. Also, lavender and green tea flavored foods are my favorite… guess you can say I love them so matcha. Let me know if you have any questions or concerns at all--send me a message, email, or snail mail! Can’t wait to see you at DCON 2018!


Brian Nguyen District Treasurer

Division 66


Hey PNW District! I'm excited to be serving as your District Treasurer for the 2017-2018 term. During my Key Club journey, I've had the opportunity to serve as Executive Assistant and Lieutenant Governor of Division 66. We've got a lot of good stuff planned for this year, so let's do some of the best service that we can. I can't wait to get to know all of you at events such as Portland Rally and Seattle Rally. My goals this year include bringing membership to 13,500 and hosting educational webinars to resolve problems with things like the MUC. In my free time, I play tennis and go out with the boys!


Kaho Otake District Editor

Division 28


Hello, Pacific Northwest! My name is Kaho Otake and I am beyond honored to serve as your 2017-2018 District Editor. I am currently a senior at Interlake High School, from the one and only Division 28 (28 DOMINATE)! My main goal is unifying our district through implementing active invitation, spreading information, and increasing inspiration, I hope to brew connections with each and every member. Inviting, Informing, Inspiring, and lastly Uniting not only editors but also all members may be difficult. However, I believe that with a shot of THE ESPRESSO (and other media creation), and a latte love for service, it’s all possible - connecting I, myself, to U.  Outside of Key Club, you can find me napping, taking pictures, or enjoying a book with a cup of coffee in hand. Have questions? Concerns? Comments? Just want to talk? Need a joke? Don't hesitate to contact me through email, text, or social media at any time.   


Lieutenant Governors

Elected by each division to serve as a divisional leader and liason

Vacant Division AYN

Andrew Lear Division AYS



Hello, fellow amazing Key Clubbers of the PNW District! My name is Andrew Lear and I am so excited that I'm serving as the Lieutenant Governor of Division Alaska Yukon South (AYS).I joined Key Club because I love being active and trying to impact my community.  As a senior, I currently attend Bartlett High School. I'm a super-active person, I love to Wrestle, Ski, Play Football, Baseball,  run Track and ride my bike everywhere. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact me!




Cody Hawley Division 9


Hello, my name is Cody Hawley, and I am very proud to be serving as Lieutenant Governor for Division 9 and to be on the District Project Committee this year.  I am currently a Senior at Okanogan High School and a Running Start student.  Other than Key Club I am involved in many things around my school and community.  I play tennis, do swim team, serve as my Class President, and play the bass guitar in both my school’s fall and winter pep-bands.  Some of my personal hobbies include fish keeping and pretty much anything where I can be outdoors.


Lily Du Division 13/15/17


My name is Lily Du and I’m a ninja panda from the exotic land of Canada! You might have seen me at District Events singing our national anthem or holding ketchup chips but I am no different from all of you! Caring is also my way of life and I am ecstatic to be serving as the Lieutenant Governor for Division 13/15/17. When I first joined Key Club, I was captivated by the free food. However, it soon turned into a passion to serve. Throughout this year, I hope you discover your Key Club moment and allow it to drive you into achieving more. Besides volunteering, I love exploring the outdoors, paddling in salty waters, facing new challenges, and forming new friendships! I can’t wait to embark on this journey and see what you do with your love for service. Whether it’s through packaging food at local food banks, or attending DCMs, never forget what Key Club means to you! If you have any questions about Key Club or Canada, don’t be afraid to send me a message through any social media platforms.


Sophie Choi Division 18



Hello Key Clubbers! My name is Sophie Yujin Choi, and I am beyond honoured and humbled to be serving as the 2017-2018 Lieutenant Governor of PNW Key Club Division 18. Key Club has changed my life so much and I am excited to be able to help you to feel the way I feel about serving. Key Club has taught me how big of a difference we, Key Clubbers can make in our community. My goal for this year is to connect with each and every one of you by increasing communications with you, members, to ensure that you get all the information you need in a divisional, district, and international level. I will also make sure that there are various service and leadership opportunities to members throughout our division. Please do not hesitate to contact me, or meet in person and talk to me if you have any questions, concerns, ideas, or really anything you want to talk about! Thank you.


Maileca Gontinas Division 19/36



My name is Mailecamae Gontinas (I usually go by Maileca) and I am the Lieutenant Governor of Division 19/36. I joined Key Club because I was a quiet person who wanted to make friends. I didn't know anyone at Bremerton High School so when someone came up to me and told me about the best club ever, they made me feel welcomed. That's when I realized Key Club was the place for me. At the first service project I attended, I realized I didn't just want new friends, I wanted to make a difference in my community. This year I want to increase awareness about Key Club and gain more members. I want to allow people to feel as accepted as I felt my first year. Outside of Key Club, I like to spend time with my family and be active. I go hiking all the time and play soccer, tennis, basketball, and bowling. I can also skateboard but don’t be fooled, I love to binge watch Netflix and watch movies when I can. Other than that, Key Club is my life!



Michael Lym Division 20i



Hey, Key Clubbers!

My name is Michael Lym. For those who may not know me, I am currently a junior at Oak Harbor High School. I am so pumped for my term as Lieutenant Governor for the 2017-2018 year. I cannot wait to meet everyone. This is a new year, which means it is filled with new goals and opportunities: I hope that Division 20i will become stronger than ever before this year. I will try my best to strengthen our division and bring us together. I am your current Lieutenant Governor, but I am also your friend. As a friend, I will try to help you and your club as much as possible to the best of my abilities. We are not just a club - we are a Key Club family. I am looking forward to spending more time with my fellow samurais and am excited to have such an amazing year.



Kevin Bui Division 20m



Hiya! My name is Kevin Bui and I’m the lieutenant governor of division 20m. I joined Key Club to serve my community and create bonds with other people through service. When I first joined Key Club, I thought it was just a volunteering group but as time progressed, I found it to be such an amazing group I can call my family. My goals throughout my term is to build everlasting bonds throughout my division to have a stronger and more fierce division (Go Lions!). In my free time, I love to go hiking, hanging out with friends, eating, and just doing random fun stuff :). Don’t be afraid to come up to me and say hi, I promise I’m not a mean lion. What day do lions eat most? Chewsday! :)



Andrew Baek Division 21



Hey PNW Key Clubbers! My name is Andrew Baek, and I am so excited and honored to have the privilege of serving as the Lieutenant Governor of Division 21. I joined Key Club during my sophomore year, and this organization has constantly given back to me so much more than what I have put in. Over the past service year, I closely observed how each and every bumblebee passionately served our community, and I will continue to provide support for each of our clubs and their members in order to lead Division 21 into reaching our maximum potential. Currently, Division 21 is the LARGEST DIVISION IN THE PNW DISTRICT! However, not only is our membership count more than impressive, the amount of active membership we have in serving and leading our communities is tremendous. With the everlasting support from the beehive, I have no doubt that we will continue to remain at the top when it comes to service, character, spirit, and inclusiveness. Outside of Key Club, I enjoy playing basketball, playing tennis, hiking, and eating ice cream. I hope I meet and bond with many of you throughout the course of this service year! Yeehaw!


Ryan Sun Division 22/24



My name is Ryan Sun, and I am this year's Lieutenant Governor for Division 22/24! A little bit about me is that I can speak four languages, Korean, Spanish, Mandarin, and English. I learned Korean and Mandarin because I am biracial, and learned Spanish because I took it for four years, skipping Spanish 4. I'm super excited to be able to have the opportunity to work with you guys, meet you, and serve alongside you. If you have any questions, message me with the contact below, or just hit me up on Facebook, Instagram @ryxnsun, and Snapchat @syan_run. I love talking about clothes, high fashion, and Korean rap!



Nhu Nguyen Division 26



My name is Nhu Nguyen and I am serving as the Lieutenant Governor of Division 26. I am thrilled to be working on the board alongside with the execs and other Lieutenant Governors. I joined Key Club my freshman year only because I wanted to be more involved in my school. I didn't know much about Key Club outside of my home club until I attended my first District Convention in 2016. It was an eye-opening experience listening to all of the speakers, workshops, and meeting people who inspired me be a servant leader. After being elected as historian and working alongside with the Lt.G, I was able to become more knowledgeable about this wonderful organization and attend many service events. Some of my goals for this year is to strengthen Kiwanis-family relations, create a bond between the officers and the Lt.G, and assist inactive clubs within my division. Outside of Key Club, I enjoy vlogging, taking pictures, and making cringe-y boomerangs. If you see me around at a Key Club event, don't hesitate to say hi! I will most likely be wearing my bright orange crocs, so you won't be able to miss me!



Abbey Kim Division 27


My name is Abbey Kim, and I am very excited to serve as the Lieutenant Governor of Division 27. I’m part of the 2018 class at International Community School, a small school in Kirkland, WA! My Key Club journey started from the hearing about the service opportunities it provided and I stayed active after realizing that it encompassed so much more. Seeing all of you so passionate to serve as a community has shown me how great it is to be a part of an organization that values service and supports one another. I will strive to spread this passion of service to individuals so that we may be able to serve our communities together. Outside of Key Club, I enjoy playing soccer, planning school events, and sunny weather. Please feel free to contact me about anything, I would love to get to know you! Looking forward to an amazing year.



Heliqiong Sun Division 28



My name is Heliqiong Sun and I am humbled and excited to be serving as a Lieutenant Governor this term. Key Club has brought me extraordinary places - from planning Dance to Eliminates, to waking up at 4 am to volunteer at a run, to three incredible years of DCON. My goal is to encourage our younger underclassmen to seize the wonderful opportunities that Key Club offers - to try to immerse themselves into the Key family and feel the love from an enthusiastic group of high schoolers who just want to help out their communities. I started off as an ordinary freshman, but Key Club has opened doors to opportunities I never thought I would have had. Key Club really is extraordinary. When I’m not Key Clubbing, I enjoy fighting apathy, playing the piano, and extensively napping. I love meeting new people, so feel free to call or message me at any time!


Crystal Choi Division 30



Hello PNW Key Clubbers! My name is Crystal Choi and I cannot express enough how ecstatic I am to be serving as the Lieutenant Governor of Division 30 for the 217-2018 Key Club year! (GO JELLYFISH) I am currently a sophomore at Rogers High School in Puyallup, WA and will (hopefully) be graduating with the Class of 2019. Although this is only my first year in my Key Club journey, I can already say with confidence that I love everything about this organization. From the way it pushes students to give back to their communities to the endless leadership opportunities it opens up for any individual with a heart to serve, Key Club is a service organization that stands out from all the rest and I’m more than honored to be a part of it. When I’m not Key-Clubbing, I love to spend time with friends, worship Jesus, watch k-dramas, listen to music, and make/eat (but mostly eat) good food. I know we Key Clubbers say this a lot, but really, feel free to contact me about anything- I’d love to get to know you! Let’s make this a memorable year filled with fun and service!


Tera Chea Division 32



Hello PNW! My name is Tera Chea and I’m so excited to be serving as Division 32’s Lieutenant Governor! I currently attend Kentlake High School as the class of 2018 but you’ll most likely find me at Green River as that’s where I do running start—Go Gators! I’ve been in Key Club ever since freshmen year where I was lured with the offer of free pizza, yes I was one of those kids, and I have absolutely been in love ever since. This club has truly taken me to new heights with service and it’s one of my goals to help you achieve those heights as well. Just a little about myself, I love crimes shows, Sailor Moon, chicken tenders, my mom, and my cat, Beyoncé. Yes, I love the singer as well as my cat who happens to be named Beyoncé. Never hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns or simply want to talk about video games, my inbox is open! Stay toasty! 



Yuri Yi Division 33



Hello PNW District Key Clubbers,

My name is Yuri Yi and I am the Lieutenant Governor of Division 33, go Krakens! Three years ago, I didn’t know what Key Club was and like most people, I honestly thought it was about keys. But shortly after I joined, I realized that Key Club was so much more than a place to make keys and meeting new people. It’s a club that brings out the best in all of us, I learned a lot of things as a member, it has made me become more open-minded and patient with myself and others around me, with these skills it allows me to not only become a better leader but a better person overall. Here is a little about myself, I am apart of the class of 2018, I think Jay Park has really good music, I take pictures of a lot of things, and I love food, especially bubble tea and mochi ice cream. I’m a really friendly person so do not hesitate to come say hi! (or email or text).



Kevin Tran Division 34



Hi PNW! My name is Kevin Tran and I'm the Lieutenant Governor for Division 34. I first heard of Key Club from my sister and she was the first one to introduce me to volunteer work which I slowly fell in love with. After my first year of Key Club, I knew I wanted to do more, I wanted to make an impact on the community that's why I ran for Lieutenant Governor because you can help others from outside the club.

5 Fun facts about Kevin Tran!

1) I love wrestling (only a first year).

2) My house is literally a zoo.

3) My sister was the PNW District Governor.

4) I'm a hypebeast.

5)I like a huge nerd (games, anime sorta, TV shows)




Casey Braaten Division 35

Division 35



Hello! My name is Casey Braaten, and I am so excited to be the Lieutenant Governor of Division 35 (GO TIGERS!!). I am a senior at Franklin Pierce High School, and I am a Boy Scout, ASB Executive Social Chair, Honor Society Vice President, and I play tennis. I joined Key Club because I wanted another opportunity to serve my community, but I got a lot more than I bargained for when I became President of my home club in my first year as a Key Clubber. My term as president opened my eyes to the problems of other clubs in the division, and I wanted to take charge and get these clubs on the path to success. As a result, I ran for Lieutenant Governor and was elected. During my term, I want to increase the number of active clubs from 6 clubs to 9 clubs, conduct monthly divisional events, and bring representatives from all active clubs to DCON. Thank you for giving me this opportunity, Tigers! I won’t let you down!

Ingrid Redford Division 38



Hey, PNW! My name is Ingrid Redford and I am beyond thrilled to serve on the 2017-2018 District Board as both the Lieutenant Governor of Division 38 and the Kiwanis Family Relations Chair. I joined Key Club as a freshman and instantly fell in love with both the organization and the people. With this being said, Key Club has made a huge impact on my high school experience and I can’t believe I have the opportunity to further serve our District. As Lieutenant Governor for Division 38, I plan to grow my Division through the process of chartering new clubs and K-Family branches, as well as increasing attendance at our DCMs and increasing active membership. When I’m not Key Clubbing, you can usually find me drinking coffee, studying, or at a sports game. At Capital High School, I am on the swim, bowling, and track and field team. I am also a piccolo player in marching and pep band. If you ever have any questions or want to chat, feel free to reach out to me! Can’t wait to see you all at DCON 2018 in Portland, Oregon!


Nicholas Schaelling Division 42C




Alina Mirgorodskaya Division 42V



Hello! My name is Alina Mirgorodskaya and I am the Lieutenant Governor for Division 42V. I am really excited to be working with all seven clubs in my division and helping them to the best of my abilities. In addition to my role as Lieutenant Governor, it is also a great pleasure to work alongside not only the other Lieutenant Governors as a member of the Pacific Northwest District but also the Kiwanis members. My main goals are to raise membership, recruit clubs in new schools, and re-establish the inactive clubs. In the process, I hope to find ways to help other divisions in the district facing the same issues. Hopefully, I can help create an even more valuable and enjoyable time at DCON 2018 for my members and the district. I first joined Key Club to just have fun while doing service projects, but now I find a greater passion for helping and sharing the experience I had in Key Club with more people. During the school year, I participate in tennis, Honor Society, and theater. I am excited to work with you in the future.



Ishu Poudyal Division 44



My name is Ishu Poudyal and I am so honored and excited to be serving as your 2017-2018 Lieutenant Governor of Division 44 (GO BUTTERFLIES)! I am currently a senior at Henrietta Lacks Health and Bioscience High School in Vancouver, WA. My passion for Key Club has led me to be the person I am today and I want nothing more than to see my division thrive. I cannot wait to see what this upcoming year has to offer in terms of service! Aside from Key Club, I am involved in our Student Council and National Honor Society. I also love spending time with my friends whether we are eating, watching Netflix, laughing or crying together. But all hobbies aside, Key Club is the biggest part of my life as I happily devote hours, days, weeks, and months to all things Key Club! That being said, never hesitate to contact me about anything through social media, email or even in person!


Jinhee Kwak Division 45



My name is Jinhee Kwak and I am beyond excited and honored to serve as your 2017-2018 Lieutenant Governor of Division 45. I want to start off by telling you why I love this organization. Key Club has the ability to make more of an impact—and more change—in one year than many people do in their lifetimes. As Lieutenant Governor, I am “Proud ’N Willing to serve” our division and district through dedication, love, and service. Let’s not ever forget that caring is our way of life. A little bit about myself: I enjoy being involved in activities that revolve around leadership, building new friendships, and contributing to my community. I’m always open to learning and gaining new experiences every day. Throughout this year, I hope you find that moment where you’re feeling inspired and motivated by the passionate individuals in our Key Club family. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, suggestions, or just want a friend to talk to. I’m looking forward to a year full of memories!



Vacant Division 46

Ryan Sorensson Division 48



I have been a part of many clubs throughout high school: Swimming, Water Polo, Debate, BPA, Freshman Mentoring, and of course, Key Club. I’ve always had a mentality of trying new things and seeing what I do and don’t like and to be completely honest, Key Club never seemed like something I would overly enjoy. However, to my surprise, Key Club is now one of my favorite activities, and I have fallen in love with the incredible level of professionalism, maturity, and kindness of the organization.
I know that I am, like many of the other LTG’s, a busy person. During the school year, I often have sleepless nights and stressful days, and I have sometimes struggled with managing my schedule. Yet, while Key Club is undeniably a serious time commitment, I know that the rewards for working hard to better my community are worth every hour of my time. I can tell that high school is going to go by quickly, which is prompting me to make the most of it. I am so thankful for Key Club and what it has taught me; I feel ready for the college and future jobs, and know that the leadership experience Key Club has given me, through serving as a member, president, and LTG, will prepare me for the business world.


Vacant Division 50

Aryana Villafuerte Division 52



My name is Aryana Villafuerte, but you can call me Ary! I am proud and honored to be serving on the 2017-18 Pacific Northwest District Board as your Division 52 Lieutenant Governor. I attend The River Academy and I am a part of the 2018 graduating class. One of my many goals as Lieutenant Governor is to increase participation in divisional events to help unite Division 52 as a whole. Serving others is a God-given passion of mine and joining Key Club set that passion in motion. Along with Key Club, I am also involved in Student United Way Youth Leadership Council. When I’m off the grind (rarely ever because the grind never stops), you can always catch me with a cup of jo either working, hanging out with friends, eating, watching Netflix, or most likely sleeping. My favorite part of Key Club is getting to meet and engage with such unique and kind hearted Key Clubbers! If you ever have any questions or just want to chat it up, please never hesitate to contact me!



Mackenzie Dotta Division 54



My name is Mackenzie Dotta, and I am the Lieutenant Governor of Division 54. My experience with Key Club has been a journey, and during this journey, I’ve had the opportunity to see how Key Club has changed people for the better in so many ways. Key Club has opened my eyes and others’ eyes to show that there is more than the community service. I plan for my division to increase our members and DCON attendees. I also want to challenge not only my division but other divisions to reach out to their home Kiwanis Club and get to know them. Outside of Key Club, I like to help out with the Burbank FFA club, and  I also love to read while sipping on my Dutch Bros. If anyone has great book suggestions, feel free to send me your choices on your favorite books!


Jane Tang Division 56



My name is Jane Tang, I’m a senior at Pullman High School, and I’m proud to be serving Division 56 as Lieutenant Governor for the 2017-2018 year! My Key Club journey formally started my Freshman year, and although I was first introduced to this organization before then, it was seeing the enthusiasm that you guys held for service that really got me hooked. This organization full of warm hearts and caring individuals was something I was automatically drawn to, and the journey up to now has been nothing but amazing. Key Club has become such a huge part of my life and has taught me so much about leadership, fellowship, and community. I hope that I will be able to inspire many throughout my journey with Key Club, just as this organization, and you, the members, have done for me. When not volunteering, you can find me playing the piano, trying to stay cozy, or binge watching Asian dramas. I love new experiences, meeting new people, and… stories! I believe that everyone has unique stories to tell, so if you ever want to talk, don't hesitate to contact me! I’m so excited to share this year with you all and hope to meet many of you! See you around!



Mikena Loutherback Division 58



Hey PNW! My name is Mikena Loutherback, and I am from Division 58, right in the center of Washington state serving the Moses Lake and Ephrata area with love. I currently attend Moses Lake High School, home of the Chiefs, as a part of the class of 2019. I started Key Club as a freshman and fell in love! I really appreciate the passion that so many people have for serving their schools and communities. When I’m not working on a service project or Key Clubbin’, I love to be outdoors. Hiking, camping, traveling, you name it, I’ll be there with my camera in hand. I also love sports, participating in swim and dive and tennis for my high school’s varsity teams, and running and cycling in my free time. I’m also currently pursuing my pilot’s license, and hope to have earned it by the end of 2017. Alongside all of this, I cannot wait to serve my community. I’m just another Key Club member, so please feel free to reach out to me!




Erica Luu Division 62



Hey there! My name is Erica Luu and I'm the Lieutenant Governor of Division 62, the Panthers! I’m currently a Sophomore at Cleveland High in Portland, Oregon, but my Key Club journey began my Freshman year when I was drawn into the first lunch meeting. I quickly fell in love with the concept of being able to serve the community with friends and what I now call family. The slightest self-less action can make a lasting impact in other’s lives. Although Key Club is based on service, there is still so much more! As Lieutenant Governor, i’m working toward growing and strengthening the bonds within and beyond our Division. I hope the members will be able to open their eyes to how much more this organization offers. We are given the “Key” to leadership development skills, principles of caring, love, and compassion, and the door to everlasting friendships. I challenge and encourage all Key Clubbers to take this “Key” and make the most of it. Make connections, spread love, and serve! <3


Ava Eucker Division 64



Hello, my name is Ava Eucker. I am proud to say I am the Lieutenant Governor of Division 64! I joined Key Club my freshman year, not sure what to expect. Three years later I am fully committed to serving others and caring truly is my way of life. I aspire to help others to have better lives and to show those around me how fulfilling and wonderful helping others can be. Key Club is my second home and I cherish all the memories I have made serving pancakes at retirement homes, tutoring kindergarten children, and collecting gifts for the giving tree and more. Thanks to Key Club thousands of people receive what they need to thrive and I am so blessed to be able to contribute to the effort to make the earth a place of beauty for all. I cannot wait for all the memories and opportunities my senior year holds as a student-athlete, proud member of the Pacer family, and Lt.G of Division 64- go dinos!


Julia Dayton Division 65E


My name is Julia Dayton, and I am honored to have the chance to serve as the Lieutenant Governor of Division 65 East for the 2017-2018 school year! I am currently a junior at Southridge High School, and outside of Key Club, I enjoy playing piano, listening to music, and learning different languages. I joined Key Club during the first month of my freshman year, and I instantly fell in love with the sense of passion and community that I saw not only in my club but also in my division. It was at DCON of that same year that I felt Key Club become more than just a club to me, but it became a family and a home that I can always return to. Since then, my only goal has been to give back to the organization and make sure that people have the chance to feel the same love and passion that I do here in Key Club. I am so excited to serve the community alongside you, and please don’t hesitate to contact me if you need help, or if you simply want to talk!


Deepak Vijay Division 65W



We always hear about world issues and societal problems, with political candidates debating potential solutions. My name is Deepak Vijay, and before being elected as the Lieutenant Governor of Division 65 West, I never would have imagined that resolving most of these issues could be possible with simple changes. However, now I realize that the solution starts with individuals who truly make caring their way of life, our Key Club motto. When I originally joined Key Club, I merely thought it was a group of people who did service around the community. I have learned that this wonderful organization provides opportunities to build leadership skills, create a network of relations, learn about organizational structure, discover ourselves, and implement principles that will establish a society of caring, loving, and serving people. One of my goals as a Lieutenant Governor is to strengthen the communication and distribution of resources and opportunities to each and every Key Club member, allowing them to be aware of the profuse benefits of Key Club. I want to spread the message that success and fulfillment are within grasp, and it can be attained with the right outlook. Key Club has opened my eyes to this ideology, and I know YOU can genuinely institute the change that you want to see in the world.

Reanna Le Division 66


Hi, I’m Reanna (Re-Ann-Uh, just like the singer except I don’t sing) and I attend Clackamas High school, a part of the Class of 2018.I joined Key Club as a Freshman but I’ve been aware of the club since elementary school. Ever since then, Key Clubbers have truly inspired and helped me create unforgettable memories. This organization has built me as a leader whether it be as Divisional Editor or just as a dedicated member. Outside of Key Club, I participate in NHS, Girl Scouts, and serve as Senior Class Vice-President.  In my free time, I spend lots of time with friends and family: drinking boba (like 1-5 times a week), bowling (I’m bad), and binge-watching shows like Grey’s Anatomy, Prison Break or DC hero shows. I look forward to meeting all you amazing Key Clubbers at DCMs, rallies and DCON 2018. Until then, feel free to contact me, say hello and introduce yourself! Go Giraffes!



Brandon Orick Division 70



Hello, my name is Brandon Orick and I'm the Lieutenant Governor of Division 70. I'm here to rebuild this Division to its fullest potential, while on my way I will serve and influence as many people as possible. I'm very anxious to do so much for the community and bless everyone possible. Key Club is one of those opportunities that if you don't grab onto it, you can miss so much. I’m learning so much and can't wait to keep developing Division 70’s strength. My goals are to always put others first and make as much as an impact possible. I believe that there are no limits within Key Club and I want to go as far as I can. Everything I do is for the Lord, and I will continue to serve you in His name!


Christopher Cebra Division 72



My name is Christopher Cebra and I am the current Lieutenant Governor of Pacific Northwest District Division 72. I am a senior at Corvallis High School in Corvallis, Oregon and former member of the board of directors of Corvallis High School Key Club. I am very excited to meet great people at the divisional and district levels who share my commitment to service and to ignite a passion for Key Club throughout. My goals for my division are to improve communications with clubs and to increase the bonds between clubs in the division culminating in strong attendance at DCON. I’ve been a part of Key Club since freshman year and have always been attracted by the organization’s commitment to and passion for service. I also am involved in a variety of other service organizations like National Honor Society, Link Crew, and helping out in my local middle school’s Science Olympiad program. Aside from that, I enjoy running, eating and sleeping. Feel free to get in touch, I’ll try to respond soon

Maisey Schering Division 74



My name is Maisey Schering and I am the Lieutenant Governor for Division 74. I’ve been in key club since the first week of my freshman year. I don’t know anybody and my high school and had no idea what to do with my free time, then I saw this poster hanging in the hall, so I went. I am incredibly glad I did. Key club has given me an experience like no other and allowed me to grow as a leader. Over the course of my key club career, I have had many opportunities which have caused me to grow as a person. I always strive to be the best person I can be. I work my very best when I am at a key club event, connecting and serving my community. Along with key club, I am a member of the dance team, the marching band, the jazz band, and student government. Next year I am going to be a Junior at my school, and I am looking forward to the rest of my term as a LTG.


Vacant Division 76

Yulisa Cardenas Division 80


“It’s more than just a club, it’s a lifestyle.” That is the first quote that comes to mind when I hear the word Key Club. I joined Key Club my Freshman year to get community service hours and because my cousin was a member as well. My Sophomore year I was a member again. It was just community service hours so it was easy to be an active member although I had sports. Finally, Junior year came and I decided to become an officer. I wanted to be more than just a member. I wanted to be an officer so I can help more and just to continue my passion, to be a leader. My past Lieutenant Governor was really the one who persuaded me into running to be LTG. What I plan to do for my Division this year is to get everyone interacted, have members not just meet other people but themselves as well. Have them realize that Key Club is more than just a club to get community service hours, it’s a beautiful experience. What I do outside of Key Club is newsletters, LTG reports, club visits, find ways to better the clubs in my division. I also work two jobs, go to the gym, leadership events, and hang out with friends and family.

Molly Bloom Division 82



Hello, Pacific Northwest!

My name is Molly Bloom and I am the Lieutenant Governor for Division 82.  

I attend Ashland High School in Ashland Oregon, and I am an incoming Junior.  I am very excited to serve as LTG for Division 82, being a part of the PNW.  I look forward to spreading the beauty and importance within Key Club and creating and impact on the people in my division, with a goal of strong communication.    

In my life outside of Key Club, I play tennis - the best sport in the world, year-round, including for the high school tennis team.  Before my position as LTG I was club editor, which I truly enjoyed. Like most people, I love to travel and experience different cultures with new people.  I am honored to serve as LTG in the PNW, and I look forward to this new term.


Committee Chairs

Selected by the District Governor after DCON

Vivia Zhu Convention Chair

Division 33


My name is Vivia Zhu, and I’m so excited to be serving as your 2017-2018 Convention Chair! I’m currently a senior at Thomas Jefferson High School, and I’m a proud Division 33 Kraken. Outside of Key Club, I’m also involved in FBLA and leadership. When I’m not at school or volunteering, you’ll probably catch me eating takeout with friends, reading mystery novels, handlettering, or exploring the PNW. I’m also an avid coffee and tea drinker, and I have a slight obsession with cute dogs and stationery. Last year, I had the privilege of being your Convention Aide. This year, I’m so excited to continue serving you all and to create an amazing DCON 2018 experience! Ever since I joined Key Club my freshman year, I’ve been amazed by the amount of spirit, compassion, and selflessness shown by each and every Key Clubber. I’m always down to meet new people, so if you ever have questions, ideas, or just want to say hello, feel free to contact me over email or social media. Can’t wait to see you all at DCON 2018 :)

Andy He Communications Chair

Division 56



My name is Andy He and I am absolutely elated to be the next Communications Chair for the 2017-2018 service year! Key Club has never fallen short of my expectations. Through Key Club, I have been able to strengthen my character, make life-long friendships, and give back to the community in a truly special way. There is no better package than what you can get out of being a part of this organization. This year, I hope to be able to deliver the same message I got from being in Key Club to everyone in the district. Our committee will work to make sure that all the clubs of the PNW are able to be constantly updated and connected with the rest of the district. This will include implementing physical mailings, increasing involvement across all social media platforms, and creating more videos and recaps in general. In my free time, I love to be outdoors, playing sports, hanging with friends, and getting involved with other school activities. I can’t wait to work with you all and I cannot wait to see all that we can accomplish together as a passionate, dedicated, and interconnected group. ​




Danielle Bae District Project Chair 

Division 28


My name is Danielle Bae and I am so excited to serve as your 2017-2018 District Project Chair. My home school is Skyline High School (GO SPARTS) and I am a part of D28 (WE DOMINATE). In terms of district project, I hope, together, we will be able to reach our goal by the end of next March! The PNW has so much potential and I wish to unlock your talents and truly strive to reach our goals. Key Club is a one of a kind opportunity that I have had the privilege of experiencing in my high school career and I hope that it will have an impact on all of you just as it has on me. Outside of Key Club, I lose sleep over my DECA, try to not be lazy and attend dance classes, attempt to debate at JSA meetings/ events once in a while, spend all my money on buying school spirit gear, spend whatever is left on food with my friends, and attend church. All in all, fundraising can seem like a difficult or gigantic responsibility to take on, but I assure you that if we rely on each other, reaching our goals will seem simple!

Ingrid Redford K-Family Relations Chair

Division 38


Hey, PNW! I’m Ingrid Redford and I am beyond thrilled to serve on the 2017-2018 District Board as both the Kiwanis Family Relations Chair and the Lieutenant Governor of Division 38. Since joining Key Club my freshmen year, the one thing that amazed me the most was the family aspect of this organization. Not only do we have a family of over 13,171 Key Clubbers in our District, but we have an even larger Kiwanis Family. Throughout my term, I plan on not only increasing the relations between each Key Club and their sponsoring Kiwanis Club, but also working with the four other branches to further promote them within Key Club. In addition to this, we plan on strengthening relations through the use of the K-Family toolkit, creating a Kiwanis-Family Relations Guidebook, and the use of social media.  YOU can work to improve relations in your own club by attending your sponsoring Kiwanis Club meetings, inviting all branches of the Kiwanis Family to your club’s service projects, and attending theirs as well. If you ever have any questions or want to chat, feel free to reach out to me!

Dennis Mach Membership Growth and Reactivation Chair 

Division 21


My name is Dennis Mach and I am both excited and honored to serve as your new Membership Growth and Reactivation Chair for the ‘17-’18 service year. Within my committee, we plan on bridging the gap between rural and urban areas which ultimately leads to a unified district. We also plan on expanding an outreach to suspended and inactive clubs, creating promotional recruitment videos, producing monthly flyers, and much more. With these goals kept in mind, this will ensure an increase in PNW membership count of 13,500 members by DCON 2018. I am from Division 21 (Go Bumblebees!), and I go to Mariner High School (Go Marauders!).  I’m involved within my school's leadership, local vietnamese youth group, and love volunteering in general. This organization has taught me many of my core values, and I want each and every Key Clubber to have the same experience. All in all, I want to do what this organization taught me to do, and that is to serve you. If you ever need any help with anything, please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or just want someone to talk to. I love meeting new people!


Brian Nguyen PNWOF Chair

Division 66


Hey PNW District! I'm excited to be serving as your District Treasurer for the 2017-2018 term. During my Key Club journey, I've had the opportunity to serve as Executive Assistant and Lieutenant Governor of Division 66. We've got a lot of good stuff planned for this year, so let's do some of the best service that we can. I can't wait to get to know all of you at events such as Portland Rally and Seattle Rally. My goals this year include bringing membership to 13,500 and hosting educational webinars to resolve problems with things like the MUC. In my free time, I play tennis and go out with the boys!


District Adminstration

Guides and supports the District Board

Brian Egger District Administrator



I received my bachelor of arts in politics from Willamette University, Salem, OR in May 2007 and masters of public administration from American University, Washington, DC in July 2009. While pursuing my bachelor of arts, I served as the 2004-2005 PNW CKI District Governor and as the 2005-2006 CKI President. Prior to joining CKI, I served as the Division 65 Key Club Lt. Governor and as the District Convention Chair. Professionally, I serve as a senior analyst with the U.S. Government Accountability Office and in my personal life, I enjoy spending time with friends, running, traveling, and checking out the latest restaurants in Seattle. I am also a member of Cascadia Kiwanis and hold several Kiwanis honors including the George F. Hixson Fellowship and Tablet of Honor.




Criena Sekhon Assistant District Administrator

Mike Wallis Finance Administrator

Area Administrators

Guides and supports the District Board

Division 13/15/17
Divisions 20m & 20i
Divisions 21 & 22/24
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